Monday, May 16, 2016

Dth Inc. Download Pre-Alpha Demo

Title:Dth Inc.
re: Action, Strategy
Developer: Ambient Studios
Relse Date: TBD
Languages: English
Detail:Dth Inc. Website

A new game on the Kickstarter horizon is gaining lots of attention in the Indie gaming community. It is called Dth Inc.and you can check out theirKickstarterpage to get full details and perhaps back it a bit.

But the rl rson I am writing this post is that alrdy, within 10 weeks of development a demo is alrdy available. Of course the demo is small as it only rlly ftures a few details and one level but in the demo you can get a decent id of how the game will play and what it is rlly about. Basically in Dth Inc. you play as the Grim Rper who can infect and kill people to turn them into essentially zombies and then you can amass an army to go attack the town and kill theNobleman. Gameplay in Dth Inc. is pretty intuitive so far, you just click and drag paths to send your army to attack people so it is kind of like an RTS game but lessmicromanagingand more dth and destruction. Of course there are various enemies to try and slow down your army but if you manage to kill them you get their supped up abilities as well.

Graphically I find Dth Inc. to be pretty amazing. It has colorful hues in a more cartoon and cell shaded aspect but it looksgorgeousto me and that style is rlly popular nowadays in Indie games. The detail in the 3D environments is also well done and it is pretty cool to zoom into the battles and see your zombie minions running around these cute little towns causing dth and destruction.

So while Dth Inc. is in pre-alpha demo, check out thedemoanyhow and see how awesome it is alrdy for yourself!

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