Monday, May 16, 2016

Retro City Rampage GoG v2.1.0.17 BONUS + OST

Title: Retro City Rampage
re: Action, Adventure, Indie, Racing
Developer: Vblank Entertainment, Inc.
Publisher: VBlank
Relse Date: 9 Oct 2012
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

This 8-bit nostaic throwback warps open-world carjacking BACK TO THE... '80s. Play 60+ story missions and 40+ arcade challenges. "Borrow" vehicles and outrun the law while mowing down your fellow citizens! Jump on pedestrians for coins, or use them for target practice with over 25 wpons and POWER-UPS! WHOA!

[START ART]  FTURES: An interactive open-world filled with shops, arcades and casino games. Over 60 Story Missions - Missions span every re, from driving and shooting to stlth, rhythm, swimming, questing and more Over 40 Arcade Challenges - Quick pick-up-and-play action with lderboard competition and replay sharing. Official Crossovers and Bonus Games - Super Mt Boy, BIT.TRIP: Runner, Epic Ml Time, Minecraft and more. Over 50 Vehicles to Drive and Equip - How about a skateboard with a rocket launcher or a shopping cart with nitro? Over 25 Wpons and Power-ups - From a bionic arm to a light gun, a boomerang to a “ghost busting” proton bm. Playable Characters and Cameos! - Play as characters from other games, as ledary game developers, personalities and celebrities. Customize your character with one of over 200 styles. 2.5+ Hours of Music (13 radio stations) - Critically acclaimed, IGF Nominated soundtrack by virt (Contra 4, Double Dragon: Neon) Frky DNA (NBA Jam) and Norrin Radd. Available digitally, on and Vinyl. Filters Tube /Scanline/Dot-Matrix simulation (& some RED/BLUE 3D games) Color Modes – Make it more system accurate to various platforms from EGA and CGA to the NES, SMS, C64, II and more. Lderboards & Replays Lock and load your lightgun. You've just entered RETRO CITY RAMPAGE.

[START DOWNLOAD] ::. GoG .:: (Uploaded 134MB/link) (iMirror – Extabit) (iMirror – Netload) (iMirror – Billionuploads) (iMirror – for backup only)
This is encrypted: *** : rcr2012 INCLUDED:
4 Wallpapers
Soundtrack demo (10 tracks)
10 exclusive bonus tracks
11 avatars
concept art
printable doorhanger
game case insert
OST [END DOWNLOAD] Plse thanks/subscribe if you like this post. Any preview / review about it, U the players?

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