Monday, May 16, 2016

Arma 3: BATTLE ROYALE! Survival of the Fittest | Episode 1

I'm Stargater07 and I crte webseries based around Arma 3 and its Mods. Currently I have been playing alot of Altis Life and have a sereis of s of me playing as a Cop, enforcing the law and driving at brkneck speeds in first person!
I have also got a new Rebel Series now, along with a new Battle Royale Series that started today!
I am also going to be moving on to new relse games at the end of this month and wish to build upon my subscriber base to join me in my journey! Okay, so I downloaded the Battle Royale Mod for Arma 3! Its awesome and I wanted to share with you my very 1st experience playing it! Can I survive the bloodthirsty 30+ players wanting to kill me?!

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