Monday, May 16, 2016

Child of Light - RELOADED

Title: Child of Light
re: RPG
Developer: Ubisoft Montréal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Relse Date: 30 Apr 2014

Aurora, a young girl from 1895 Austria, awakens on the lost fairytale continent of Lemuria. To return home she must fight against the dark crtures of the Queen of the Night, who have stolen the sun, the moon and the stars. At stake is not only Lemuria, but Aurora’s true destiny.

[START ART]  FTURES: An Adventure Waits!
Crted by a talented tm at Ubisoft Montrl using the UbiArt Framework, Child of Light is an RPG inspired by fairy tales complemented with a story carefully crafted in verse and rhyme. Step into a living painting, the brthtaking scenery of Lemuria is an invitation to explore a long lost world. Enter the World of Lemuria
Across your journey through Lemuria you will encounter many eccentric crtures, from spirits of the forest to talking mice to wicked witches and evil s serpents. Discover a vast land with iconic loions and exciting dungeons that will evolve as Aurora regains the stolen lights. Fight the Dark
Battle enemies using an Active-Time Battle System alongside the firefly Igniculus and other members of Aurora’s party on their quest to recover the sun, the moon and the stars. Bt your enemies using a deep party system and the varied skill trees of your party. Play with a friend as both Aurora and Igniculus using the smless drop-in drop-out cooperative multiplayer.

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