Monday, May 16, 2016

Connect and Play Free Online Games by Plarium

In the world of Massive Multiplayer Online gaming, the one question players are asking is where they can find the best site for their gaming needs. Look no further, as the lder in online gaming, Plarium has crted a site like no other.             With sy sign up options like linking your Facebook or Google+ profiles, getting into the action is a breeze. The site boasts an sily navigated home screen allowing you to dive right into your favorite game. Game play is free through the site, giving players unlimited options.             In the industry of MMO games, you’ve got - lding the best browser games! Among the games the site hosts are Soldiers, Inc., Stormfall: Age of War, and Total Domination. All three are lders in the MMO market. In Soldiers, Inc. you can play as a futuristic soldier with the goal of claiming as much of the fictional planet of Zandia as you can. With high definition graphics and sy to maneuver gameplay, completing the tasks handed to you by the underground crime bosses who are employing your character.             Stormfall: Age of War allows you to build your own empire. Through the completion of quests, you are able to build your own army and city. You are faced with computer erated enemy attacks, but are also able to engage in warfare against other online players. During the game you are given plenty of game mode options- when you aren’t out attacking other settlements, you can set off on story mode quests to gain materials, or you can get to work building a massive fortress for you to house your armies. This game is equipped with tons of ftures that are sy to navigate and allow you to lrn the game on your own time.             If you are looking for a more immersive gameplay style, then Total Domination provides the perfect platform. The game gives you the ability to crte much larger and more interactive forts than Stormfall, while still giving the player the interactive and quest modes that are appreciated by MMO players. The game is equipped with sy to follow instructions and voice acting that helps you feel like you’re inside the game, which is important as you’re acting as a recruit being trained in the world of Total Domination.             All three games host sy to follow interactive tutorial menus, giving you full control of the game. Plarium offers full updates periodically making sure that annoying bugs never interrupt your gameplay.

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