Monday, May 16, 2016

Dark Blood Chronicles: Mixing Horror With RPG Action!

I am a huge fan of both RPG's and horror themed games. And in my over twenty yrs as a gamer very few game developers have mixed the two together. That is why I was very excited when I first hrd about Dark Blood Chronicles from Omaj Productions. This is the game that I have been waiting yrs for! It is part RPG, part survival horror and part adventure game as well. All mixed up in to one cool sprite filled package. That is another thing that made this game pop up on my radar, the art design. Dark Blood Chronicles is a game that has some of the coolest pixel art I have seen in a few yrs. I have hrd some people say that it resembles a 16-bit era game, but I actually think the game is way more detailed than that. And if anything you would have to say that it resembles some of the RPG's that were relsed on the Playstation and Sega Saturn. The game has a pretty cool story that I will try not to spoil too much for you guys. It centers round a high school chick called Samantha. She is a bit of an outcast at school and kind of a little weird. She is having a bad drm one evening where she is about to be behded when all of a sudden she is taken into a strange creepy world called The Dark Rlm by a character called Sin. Samantha now needs to do all she can to survive in this horrific rlm all the while trying to find out why she was saved by Sin and the secrets of her past. It's a rlly awesome story in part thanks to the grt writing and interesting characters that you uinely do start to care about rly on in the game. I have alrdy mentioned how I love the way the game looks, but I rlly want to give credit for the amazing level design in the game. Now while this is certainly a horror themed game. This Dark Rlm that you are trying to escape from is just so creepy and diverse that you rlly want to explore every nook and cranny. You have all these creepy acombs like you would expect from a horror themed game, but there are also parts of the game that I felt had a cyberpunk type of look to them. As well as looking grt and having a uinely interesting story the combat in Dark Blood Chronicles is not too shabby either. They have gone for a turn based system which is what I actually prefer in my RPG's and the battles do have an "epic" feel to them. The battle system is sy to pick up and lrn and not to overcomplied like many other modern RPG's. One thing I am sure many people will be happy about is the fact that there are no random battles in this game. So you can go and explore the Dark Rlm without being pulled away to a battle every five seconds. In all if you are a horror fan then this is the game for you. If you are a fan of RPG's, but are bored with the current "fantasy" trend then this game will be a brth of fresh air for you. Dark Blood Chronicles is just an all round grt game that once you pick up I am sure you will not put down. For the price of admission you are getting taken on one heck of a grt adventure here. Website:

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