Monday, May 16, 2016

Download Draw X5 Full +

Download Draw X5 Full Version With ....Software ini merupakan software yang wajib dimiliki para designer gambar, dengan draw kita bisa menggambar logo, design baju, dll. Draw X5 ini merupakan versi terbaru draw... penasaran??? yuk kita simak...Paket DRAW Graphics Suite terorganisir tingkat tinggi kompatibilitas format banyak digunakan, termasuk Illustrator, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, , JPEG dan PDF.
Versi ini benar menyimpan file dalam versi sebelumnya. r, simpan file yang sama dalam versi beta format r X5 tidak dianjurkan.DRAW Graphics Suite X5 is perfect for the following audiences:
Specialists in design,Professionals in the field of applied design,Small businessesStudents and tchersEmployees of government acies and commercial organizations.DRAW also includes several new drawing tools and improvements to current tools :
B-Spline tool which makes drawing curved lines sier.lit lines which helps you draw perpendicular or tant connecting lines between objects.Rounded corners have been enhanced to make rounded-corner shapes more scalable.Artistic media tools have been updated for pressure sensitive effects.The Mesh fill tool has been improved to provide better color transitions.A new Document palette records every color used in the design, making it sier to use the same colors in another design.A pixel preview option in DRAW lets you see exactly how a design will look when output to bitmap formats.Improvements to Export for Web dialog.Eyedroppers in more places with RGB value previews for sier colors sampling.Cara Aktivasi Draw X5 :
Download Draw X5 nya terlebih dahulu (link download dibawah)Instal Draw X5 (tidak usah menggunakan , biarkan kosong aja)Bila proses instal sudah selesai, tutup Draw X5.Jalankan file RemoveProtexis.cmd. (klik kanan, lalu pilih run as administrator)Maka akan tampil layar seperti DOS. (Maaf, gambar tidak tersedia, lupa saya capture. Hehehe)Bila sudah, copy dan paste file Psi.dll di folder C:\Program Files\\DRAW Graphics Suite X5\Programs\.Selesai, kini Draw X5 anda sudah menjadi Full Version.
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Download Draw Graphic Suite X5
Download Draw X5


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