Monday, May 16, 2016

Download Gunners Hrt Compressed (Mediafire) 100 MB

GUNNERS HRT : For Five Most Pceful Days RIP/Highly Compressed/Portable | MF Link
Relse : 2006 | re : 3D Shooting | 100 MBThe story focus on piloting your character, who is fighting the evil Ventre and his army of malicious midget things called Poulets. syGameStation added a few new characters, two girls that appr to be scheming against our heroes.

Gunners Hrt is strictly on rails. Most of the stages fture gigantic cities or battleships that your fighters can loop around. Focused on pure nonstop action, it actually feels a little bit closer to the original arcade After , mostly due to its SHOOT style of gameplay. Your primary wpon is a vulcan cannon, with automatical lock onto mostly targets. There are numerous secondary wpons, one of which is equipped at the beginning of ch stage.
These include ripple lasers, fireworks, bombs, lasers and other delicious methods of destruction. Some of these are difficult to use, requiring lock-ons similar to the missiles from After . Others, like the awesome flamethrower, are much more straightforward, as it absolutely destroys anything at close range.You can also execute barrel rolls, which give a temporary burst of speed to dodge bullet

Screenshoots :

Minimum Requirements
2000/XP/VistaProcessor Pentium 2.0 GHz or equivalent AMDRAM 512 MB600 MB Free HDDDirectX 9.0c64 MB card compatible with DirectX 9.0cDownload Link Mediafire (100MB)Pass:
Installation Note : Ekstract And Play the Game,,, Enjoy !!!

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