Monday, May 16, 2016

Download Pranksterz: Off your boss (Mediafire) 66 MB

FreeDownload PC Game Pranksterz: Off your boss | MF Link | 66 MBles on the job? Boss driving you crazy? Time to strike back! Using a wide range of props and tricks, Pranksterz: Off your Boss, let’s you play practical jokes and pranks on your Boss and co-workers to drive them mad! Stop up the coffee-machine, unplug computers, and saw the legs off chairs. Make sure to take your pranks seriously though, you’ll need to be snky not to get caught, and you have to be smart to combine several tricks together for extra bonuses! Non-stop antics, grt cartoon-style graphics, various settings and crazy animations will have you laughing for hours. Pranksterz - He who laughs last, laughs best!


Play practical jokes and pranks on your nasty boss!Use stlth and skill to set your plan in motion and escape detectionGain bonuses for linking several pranks togetherGrt cartoon-style graphics and hilarious animationsFun for all ages!Screenshoots :

System Requirements :
Operating System(s):® 2000/XP/Vista/7CPU: 800MHz+RAM: 256MB: 32MB DirectX compatibleSound: DirectX compatibleHard Drive: 200MB freeDirectX®: 9.0cDownload Link (Mediafire)

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