Monday, May 16, 2016

Dragonlord Supremacy

We, at Camelot Hobbies, a small Indie-game company have been hard at work crting a PC strategy war game where we as gamers, would ourselves like to play.  We have titled this game: Dragonlord Supremacy. Get a demo copy of the game when you LIKE our Fanpage at Built by freelancers, this story-driven, quest-driven strategy is now in BETA, and is entered for the upcoming IGF China as an Indie entry, as part of the Games Developers' Conference event. With Episode 1 close to completion, Camelot Hobbies has just launched an Indiegogo to develop episode 2 'Green Gridlock' and also relse the game on iOS and Android soon. Plse check out the campaign at: and the gameplay on YouTube: and support our endvours! Dragonlord Supremacy is a turn-based strategy game of medieval conquest set in King Arthur’s era. You are a Dragonlord of Queen Morgana task to take the lands using force and diplomacy.  The gameplay’s unique border management allows players to strategise campaigns and quests serve to advance the storyline. Game AI over the hex map filled with challenges makes protecting your hero and units a never-ending dare, as you build, deploy, attack and bribe your way to victory! Unlike many strategy war games that require players to do resource gathering in order to build and buy, this game allows you to employ strategies around border enlargement and management! Connect your allied settlements by building bastions to stretch the perimeters of your territory We have chosen to render 3D models to provide a 2D overhd view. This new perspective with hex overlay offers a brth of fresh air in terms of graphical presentation. It is turn-based with only 2 phases per turn so as not to slow down the pace and momentum of the game.  In ‘Orders Phase’, players can Move Units, Build Bastion (Guardian), Pack a Settlement (Cavalier) and move it elsewhere, Hire a Hero, Attack enemy/settlement or engage in Diplomacy.  In Reinforcement Phase, players use gold to obtain new combat or diplomatic units. This project is made possible through the collaboration with Lady Antiva, whose eNovel series ‘The Camelot Prophecies’ is a hit on In conjunction with the relse of Episode 1 of Dragonlord Supremacy, Lady Antiva will also be relsing the corresponding story: ‘The Camelot Wars’ on 1 Sep 2014 at Camelot Hobbies has devised the outrch for this project using our ‘Share-it, Test-it, Change-it’ programme Share It: ‘LIKE’ our facebook page & SHARE’ this campaign link! You will get to download the Blue Bastion Demo and start playing! Test It: Post a selfie with you completing the demo at the end-game ‘Thank You’ page and join our Facebook Group as a Game Tester at: We will credit you on our Credit Roll as ‘QA Tester’! Change It: Give us comments how to make the game better, and if your comment is implemented, we will add your name on our Credit Roll as ‘Game Curator’!

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