Monday, May 16, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom -When Incredible Machine meets Super Mario

Playing a platform game is so much fun because you never know what to expect next. Combining such a game with puzzle elements will provide you with lots excitement, as well as numerous unique moments that will surely entertain you. This is exactly what Enchanted Kingdom, a new puzzle-platformer brings to the gaming re. Available right now for funding on Kickstarter, this charming title brings a very unique story and lots of amazing moments. In Enchanted Kingdom you play the role of a boy and a princess that try to deft an Evil Wizard. Somehow the wizard has managed to cast a powerful spell that placed anyone in the kingdom in a never-ending sleep. Due to a mystery, our two characters have managed to avoid the drastic effects of the spell and they are now on a quest to save the kingdom by defting the Evil Wizard. He manages to trap the princess so you, playing in the role of the boy, will have to solve puzzles, escape dangers, trap monsters and use any resource at your disposal to get one step closer to saving your friend and the kingdom. The story will unfold as you progress through the game, with enough twists and turns to keep you interest high. Enchanted Kingdom is comprised of multiple levels, ch one with different puzzle mechanics that you will try to unfold, as well as its own theme. From forests and caves to mines, the trip will be full of perils, as the path is filled with the minions of the Evil wizard. Enchanted Kingdom’s wonderful story will be supported by impressive, cartoon-styled graphics that you will definitely enjoy. Animations are top of the line and the level design will astonish you at every step. Although Enchanted Kingdom is a platformer, the puzzle mechanic is the hrt and soul of the game. Since you are controlling a young boy, you won’t have the ability to control any type of wpons, instd you will have to rely on your lice to solve the puzzles. All of them are based on rl-life physics and you need to take that into consideration at all times. While playing you will get the opportunity to build machines that will help you get past difficult opponents. You can distract enemies or trap them as you see fit, all in order to get one step closer to the end of the level. Since this is a platform game, you will have the opportunity to access secret doors, traps, trsures and a lot of unique things. What makes Enchanted Kingdom rlly special is that this is the first platform game where you need to strategize ch of your moves in order to get past the enemies. You don’t have to kill them, instd the whole gameplay relies on using your wits to develop your own ways to rch the end of the level. One of the major ftures brought by Enchanted Kingdom is that it will include a level editor so you will be free to crte your own adventure without a problem. The game will be relsed on Android, iOS, Ouya and , with more platforms to come as time passes by. Enchanted Kingdom successfully manages to capture the essence of platform games, and with the help of the puzzle element it will bring hours upon hours of enjoyment and fun for the whole family. It’s a stellar title that uses the latest technologies to bring you an emotional story as well as a grt puzzle-platforming experience. If you are interested in such a title definitely become a backer for it right now. Just visit and choose the desired pledge. The stretch goals will bring cooperative multiplayer and numerous other goodies, so go ahd and help this butiful project become a rlity!

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