Monday, May 16, 2016

Get paid to review apps!

With the advent and rise in popularity of the smartphone in recent yrs came the flurry of games that are now available on mobile. They are very popular and pretty much everybody in the world nowadays, including you and me, are hooked in these very cool boredom busters on the go. Some even go the grt lengths, spending all that hours, just to bt somebody else’s high score. At other times, the smartphone is used for its high versatility in having so many useful apps around that nowadays we can’t seem to live without. Indeed, it’s what smart are originally made for. From browsing and quickly editing documents on-the-fly or checking our daily schedule through sophistied journal appliions, it has definitely made our daily work very much sier. The thing is, we use these apps everyday that we pretty much take them for granted now. We download them, pay if we have to, use them, and delete then when we no longer need their services. But wouldn’t it be rather interesting if you were somehow able to make money for yourself while using these apps? True enough, a lot of websites nowadays offer people money to have them review apps. The principle is rlly simple. Download an app, tinker with it for a while, write a review on it when you’re done, and get paid. Quite sy, huh? Plus, you get to download usually paid apps for free. That’s what’s cool about it. Getting stuff for free and getting paid to use it. If you think you fancy yourself trying this out, visit

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