Monday, May 16, 2016

Get Paid when you share Facebook Games

Lots of you have driven traffic to FREE launches before, only to find that 60 days or more later...NOTHING happened. You worked hard for nothing. You were never able to make money. And now you are a little scared. What if it happens again? Well the difference here is that we are rdy and chomping at the bit to open for business. We have been working on this for nrly 2 yrs, and everything is in place. VAPPEY WILL OPEN for business on June 9th. Games will be played, prizes will be won and you will rn commissions...if you have built a strong organization during this FREE sign up phase.
The game is rl and the prizes will flow starting June 9th. As soon as people see prizes being won from playing a FREE game, this will explode. When someone wins $1000 just because someone they referred won a game they will be telling everyone they know. When others see you rning commission from people all over world who played FREE games they will be looking for a link to join as a promoter. Don't wait for June 9th to build your down line. Do it now!

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