Monday, May 16, 2016

Ninflated The Game!

Hey, I just want a totally honest review, if you don't like it, rate it badly, if you kinda do, 3 stars... I'm just trying to get HONEST reviews...
It's called Ninflated: It's a little-known fact that all ninjas must train in the ancient art of bubble riding. Take control of Nin to drag and tap your way through the Ninja training tower, where the controls change on ch floor. But watch out for the inverted levels, where left is right and up is down! Make sure you don't hit the ceilings, or - POP! - down you go...
* Soar to new heights to bt your friends' scores
* Simple drag and tap controls
* sy to pick up, tough to master
Ninflated is a test of reflexes and memory. Can you make it higher than your friends? Get the game here:

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