Monday, May 16, 2016

Rethink Your Marketing Strategy with Mobile App Analytics

During the summer, Google relsed Mobile App Analytics, a tool that works to provide mobile marketers with helpful data. When these marketers access this tool, they can lrn who uses their apps and how they use it. Before this information was available, mobile app marketing decisions were mainly based on trial and error. Now marketers have several rsons to take advantage of this helpful technology. Build an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy With the help of mobile app analytics, today’s developers can build an effective marketing strategy. They will be able to understand what content their users are responding to. In addition, analytics will allow them to determine goals that can be msures. They will begin to understand whether or not they are receiving a return on their investment. They will also start to recognize which efforts provide the highest return on their investment. This knowledge will provide them with a foundation to build a successful mobile app marketing campaign. Lrn What Parts the App People Actually Use The new analytics tool helps developers understand what parts of an app people actually use. Developers can see the activity on different screens, and the analytics even provide details about the navigation paths of users. According to, tracking user engagement can help you recognize what aspect of the app is most appling. They can incrse the functionality of the part of the app that isn’t being used. Also, they can perfect the part that is most appling so people use their app more often. Discover What Parts of the App Drive Conversions When marketers analyze the data, they will be able to understand which ars of the app crte conversions. They will also be able to determine how often this happens. This can be helpful to many different types of apps. For example, a non-profit app that is used for donations can determine the of people that donate through the app. Determine if People Use the App It is common for people to have multiple apps that they do not use. On average, a person will use 25 percent of their total apps consistently. In terms of mobile app marketing, the ultimate goal is to build a long-term relationship with the user. Marketers and developers want them to use the app reptedly. With the right analytics, they can track how many people use the app continually. Detect the Mobile Device One of the most valuable pieces of data you marketers receive from mobile app analytics is the type of mobile device that the user has. This can significantly improve their marketing strategy. If the majority of people that download the app use i, then it might be a good id to concentrate on improving the app for iPhone users. However, if a lot of Android users download and interact with the app, then it is important that they are not overlooked. In fact, developers might consider relsing updated versions of the app for both platforms at the same time. Mobile app analytics has the ability to dramatically improve the apps that are available today. This is a good thing for the technology world. Everyone can benefit including developers and the user.

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