Monday, May 16, 2016

War of Nobles: Unite So There Can Be Pce

If you are looking for an awesome change of pace, check this game out! War of Nobles is a free online strategy war game. You start off the game by choosing one of four hero class. They are Warrior, Lder, Merchant and Spy. ch hero grants specific boost to their property of strength, lice, charisma and ldership. ch hero also gives you the ability to command certain unique and mythical units. In War of Nobles, you can recruit a range of troops starting from Militia and Swordsman to apults and Lancers. Troops are divided into defensive and offensive troops. Defensive troops are such as militia, swordsman, archer, pikeman and guardian. Offensive troops are such as swordsman, crossbowman, horseman, lancers and apult. Train your troops carefully as you face other online enemies and always prepare yourself for war. This is a war game after all... As you start to play, you need to acquire the much needed resources (wood, stone, iron, gold). The best way to get resources is to raid nrby villages with horseman. Horseman is the best raider as it is the fastest and can carry the most. As you raid, villages mood will drop and on a certain level, it could retaliate against your raiders. So, be wary of this.. You can charm it to incrse mood if you want, but as there's plenty of villages around, you can just target the further away villages. When you are strong enough, you can invade the village. Once owned, the village can be raided without the worry of mood. It will also give you gold boost hourly! Resources can also be obtained from challenging the villages. A village level will incrse when challenged. As village level incrse, so is the resources award and, of course, the of troops guarding it! Be sure that you use the simulator to see if you can win. Challenging village can also gives you coins. Coins is like a currency in War Of Nobles. You can use coins to buy various things like speed items, booster, troops, boxes, etc. There are various buildings that you can build in War of Nobles. ch building represents different purposes. You have your farm, quarry, mine and timber lodge. They incrses your resource production. Build your barracks to train your troops. Academy to resrch. Market to trade. Walls and Towers to defend your cities against incoming invaders. Like any other games, resources is king. You can further boost your resource income by acquiring some map elements. Map elements are stered around the map. Forest will boost your wood income, Stone pits to stone and Ore mountain to iron. ch map elements can be harvested. The frequency of the harvest is an important war strategy as you have a sudden burst of resource income. "No wars are won alone". In this massive multiplayer online strategy game, you must choose your friends or foe carefully. In your gaming panel, check out the game info page. This page shows you the rankings of all the players in a world. Hand pick the top players and ask or invite them to form an alliance. Surround yourself with strong allies and friends. Fight your way to global domination. Finally, build your wonder and win the world. Become a master strategist and proof your worth!
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