Monday, May 16, 2016


Hi...this message is for all GAMERS!
I'm working with a gaming company that will be launching in a couple of weeks and we are looking for professional players and regular gamers like yourself, to be part of this community.
The benefits are many and just to mention a few.. Gamers can make money from the community/tm of gamers they crte, gaming gr, plus games that are bought, and sold and even in-game item as we both know, and many games want. Professional Gamers will get, a front page spot on the website, which in turn mns tons of exposure to what you do, wther it be s or blogs, but there is only 10 positions available so first served. Over the next 3 months we're moving 100's of thousands of people into this, but having some of the lding gamers there is our goal, when we do the soft launch of it. WARNING: This OFFER EXPIRES In 24 HOURS! Pre-register here:
"Get Paid While You Play Games"

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