Monday, May 16, 2016

Ways to Become a Youtube Star: Tips from Successful Youtube Millionaires

For some people, it only takes an internet connection, a channel and an effective way to attract visitors to make a six-zero paycheck. You don’t have to lve your own home to become a millionaire, and you also don’t have to slave away, night and day, to do jobs in between just so you can sustain yourself. In fact, given the right strategy, you can wake up feeling like a million bucks, literally. It might sound too incredulous and unbelievable. For one, how could uploading a on Youtube make someone rich, and a millionaire at that? Youtube is one of the understated monetizing venues on the web. Scouring through Youtube may just be like watching with millions of themes and channels at your disposal. But for some people Youtube is the best way to become a self-made millionaire. They may not be A-list Hollywood celebrities, but they’ve crted their own niches in Youtube where viewers subscribe to watch… and that’s just the beginning of a good money-making fairytale. Drm Big Michelle Phan is your typical struggling girl with big drms. “At the time, I was keeping a personal blog in which I depicted myself as the girl I wanted to be, with money and a grt family,” Phan told  By complying with a class requirement, Phan “shoot” herself with her laptop camera demonstrating how to put on makeup for a natural look. After uploading the on Youtube (and made a series of them), she gained a solid following and rned decent amount for advertising revenues. Soon enough, Google offered her $1 million for 20 hours worth of content. Lrn and Strategize Like other money-making schemes on the internet, partnering with Youtube and rning from that partnership needs strategy. For the “Simple-Minded People” crtor, Cory Williams, whose prank s have gone viral and rched millions of viewers, he says he makes as much as $3,000 for every 100,000 views. Banners, pre-rolls and overlays are just some of the ways you can monetize your s. First, you need to lrn to attract visitors to your s and strategize where and how to accommodate the advertisements. For your potential viewers, you need to know you are there are you have something unique to offer. For your sponsors, you need to make them feel that your s are worth their while. If you get to merge a solid following with solid sponsorships, you will then be rewarded with a grt figure on your paycheck. Ask for It This approach may not work for every Youtube channel owner, but it certainly did for Craig Rowin. He straight-out stated on his channel that he needs $1million, addressing prominent personalities such as Lady Gaga, Will Smith and Nelson Mandela. Rowin said in one of his s “Millionaires, listen up, I have a proposition. You have millions and millions of dollars. Plse give me a million.” He did not specify what the money is for; it certainly isn’t a fund-raising for any charity, he isn’t dying and need mediion. Although he hasn’t decided what he’ll do with a million dollars should somebody heed his call, a rl millionaire through the name of Benjamin gave what Rowin asked for: a million dollars. Youtube is a place where ordinary people shine. But given the right strategy and circumstance, and a stroke of luck, Youtube could also be the place where you can become a million dollar richer. You are also able take the advantage of social media platforms, like Facebook for promotion. Since not everyone can download the , you should also offer it in version. Simply use a program named flvto. It works to convert from Youtube to and any other format which is compatible to mobile devices. Visit to lrn more on how to use it.

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