Monday, May 16, 2016

Why Every Developer Needs Mobile Analytics

Thousands of dollars are invested into the development of mobile apps ch day. If your company is spending money on an app, it is important to get a return on your investment. According to, many companies are missing out on revenue they could be rning from their apps. Why? They are not using analytics as effectively as they could. This happens with game analytics constantly, and it might be the rson some companies are more successful than others. If you are a developer, lrn why mobile analytics is a necessity. Metrics When you use mobile analytics, you receive valuable metrics that can help you improve your appliion. These metrics include information like the of times the app has been downloaded, the of active users, the people that have updated the app, and more. These are performance indiions that will provide you with an accurate picture of your performance. One of the most important metrics to look at is the of conversions you are experiencing. A conversion happens when users perform an action, like making a purchase while using your app. Performance With game analytics, you will be able to track how your app is performing. For example, you can determine how long someone spends using your app. You can even view how often the app crashes on a user, and where these glitches occur. These analytics can help you fine-tune your app to retain your users and keep them happy. From your analysis, you will be able to discover what ars of the app are most used. This information is extremely valuable as you make steps to improve your app in the future. Understand Your Users The data you receive from mobile analytics helps you to understand your customers. You will be able to lrn the type of platform they use to access your app, when they are most active on the app, and the screens they spend most of their time on. This information is vital as you try to crte a better marketing plan. You will be able to become more strategic in your efforts. Instd of blindly coming up with new ids, you can target your efforts. Revenue With the knowledge you obtain from using analytics regularly, you have the ability to incrse the revenue you erate from your app. The days of pushy sales tactics are long gone. Companies that are successful take advantage of data to help them connect with the right opportunities. This allows them to capture more revenue, and it can also help them find customers that will stay with them for the long haul. Efficient Arguably the best rson to use mobile analytics is because it will help you become more efficient. Why waste your time marketing your app to someone that isn’t interested? Instd, understand your demographics. This will help you to crte better marketing strategies for the future and become more effective at what you do. If you are a developer or a mobile app marketer, data is your friend. Sure, it can be intimidating at first. But, it is going to help you do your job better so you can make more money.

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