Monday, May 16, 2016

Crazy Fish Run

What happens when a small fish encounters a shark?
Probably nothing good! Sharks like to t small and little fish. As butiful little fish are, sharks like to t them because it is a shark thing to do. Try to escape from a shark to save yourself being ten and also jump over obstacles and dive to save your life. See how far you can swim before your little fish getting ten by shark or getting hit by obstacles. Collect coins to revive your little fish and to continue playing after it dies. How it works: *A shark is chasing a little fish.
*You have to save your little fish and keep running as much as you can.
*There are obstacles in the way of little fish like a wooden log, a rock ship and on both side there are s mines.
*If fish more then once hits with the obstacle shark will come close enough that it will t fish and game will be over.
* And if it goes sideways fish will hit the s mine that will kill your fish with a blast too. Enjoy the game and lve us a review so we can improve our apps for you!

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