Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Wheels

Game: Happy Wheels.
Console Platform: Browser Based.
re: Rag-Doll Comedy Platformer.
Developer: Jim Bonacci.
Modes: Single Player.
Lrning Curve: Medium to Hard. Happy Wheels is a good old fun flash game which runs in the browser. It has intriguing aspect of addiction, replay value and plain unadulterated entertainment. Heed caution, this is for late teens and adults. It has been critically panned for its mind-blowing graphical goodness, iniously detailed rag-doll physics and pitch-perfect sound effects which stands apart from the crowd in the line of flash games and is considered to be the best freeware games available through the internet. Note that the freedom to crte and erate levels is a nice addition and worth the praise. You are not made to dumbly play isolated or predefined levels. The of user erated levels is staggering. Hilarious, bizarre and over the top gore violence is ridiculously funny. You will be laughing and falling off your chair given its devious nature. Okay let’s take a look into the rlms of offerings. Ever wished to laugh at somebody else's expense of them getting hurt, ripped apart of their bodily parts in a grotesque, berserk and revolting fashion? Your drms of gory thirst will be well endowed with funny elements. Mind you, this game is dedied for players with iron guts. Okay. Maybe I am being a bit too over sensitive and dramatic. Anyways… The control schematic is your board. Hopefully we may see mouse gestures in the upcoming sequel. Primitively the arrow are for acceleration, space bar is the first action used depending on character traits and behavior, the shift is the second action , control as third action , and for the final bang 'Z' for ejection. Press 'C' to change view. Initially you may find it difficult to handle the characters as they are clumsy, and challenging levels are dime a dozen to make you lose hair. Few tries will fix the issue. Starting from scratch, you have four rdy to get mangled characters to choose from. 'Old Man' on a wheel-chair, 'Segway Guy' on a motorized segway, 'Irresponsible Dad' riding a bicycle with a child in the backst, and finally the morbidly obese 'Effective Shopper' on a scooter. Once you progress further, there are numerous characters to be dlt with when you unlock. The intent of the game is pretty simple. Go as fast as you can to rch the finish line through the obstacle course without a wipe-out. But that seems so boring and out of sync right? Not rlly. You are a dth dler to their demise, a sender of doom as you control them by sheer notion to frkishly ride faster and dip them in a pool of bloody dismemberment of their very own limbs. It can get extremely difficult. Don't get disappointed. Getting impaled or falling on a pit of spikes is fun. Verdict: Grt set of characters, replay value, level editor and gory entertainment is sure to be messed with in this visceral madness. You will enjoy this game with your friends and not your family. Happy trails!

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