Monday, May 16, 2016

Old Man VS. Zombies: Undd Survival

Old Man VS Zombies: Undd Survival is a Castle Defense game fturing 20 different levels 7 different zombies 2 BOSS 6 different wpons 5 different Bonus To survive, you'll have to fight hordes of zombies attacking your refuge.
With a large choice of wpons, defense devices, field bonus and interactive elements, you will be able to experience dozens of funny ways to kill zombies. This game offer a simple touch gameplay to ensure a good grip with both Lite Version and Full Version. The arsenal at your disposal as well as the gameplay have been specially made to ensure a plsant experience of gaming to casual gamers,
and the various strategic elements that offers the game, will also delight the most exacting player. Survive using any mns at your disposal, including a fairly complete inventory.
kill hundreds of zombies with powerful wpons !
Semi-automatic pistol, revolver, semi-automatic Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Grenades, Lures, Mines... Different types of zombies with different attributes and wknesses will ensure many ways to apprehend the game.
Uncommon Bosses will incrse the Challenge. Finally, the game has a grt atmosphere, provided by high resolution environments, advanced animations and good music. Old man vs Zombies is endowed of humor through the animations, situations and expressions of the characters and zombies.

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