Monday, May 16, 2016

What Are The Most Expensive Virtual Items Available

In recent yrs there has been a vast expansion in the trading of virtual items and goods. Virtual goods and items are prizes and rewards that can be found and claimed during the course of a game. These items can often be traded or passed on to another user. Most commonly, virtual items are found in the online gaming world. In 2009, the online games world was worth around £9bn, and it has only incrsed in value since then. Individuals spend hundreds of hours playing a wide variety of games, picking up characters, and items a long the way. Due to the prestige and time involved, some users that have obtained these valuable online items, want to sell their goods to rn a financial reward for their endvours. From the opposite end of the spectrum, there are gamers who want to buy these items in order to progress on games, or pass a level etc. that they are currently unable to do. Virtual items are listed on a of websites, including Ebay, and the most elusive and rare items can be auctioned for eye watering amounts of money. Most Expensive Item Sold? So what is the most expensive virtual item to have been sold? That award goes to a space station called Club NEVERDIE. This virtual night spot is part of an online world called Project Entropia, and sold for a staggering $635,000 recently. In 2005, John Jacobs initially bought the item for $100,000, and since then its price has continued to spiral upwards, with different ars and asteroids getting sold off for pricey sums. One can only imagine that this piece of virtual rl estate would be the most expensive item if resold. Addiction The addiction to purchasing online virtual items has caused some problems. Bettysue Higgins of Maine, USA was recently found guilty of embezzling over $160,000 dollars from her employers in order to fund her addiction to Mafia Wars and YoVille, two Facebook games. She was 54, so does not fit the stereotype of the spotty teenager locked in his bedroom, further demonstration that the online virtual items industry has a wide chment. Facebook have a huge audience and have therefore been able to profit from advertising free games which can include a paid aspect for virtual goods, and this has helped push up their alrdy enormous value. The Future Virtual Items are big business and will only get bigger as technology expands and the of online players around the world incrse. Those that are not directly involved in the cyber world will struggle to comprehend or justify how exorbitant sums of money can change hands for what is effectively a few lines of coding, but gamers are quick to justify their purchases. Reputation, power and reward for time invested are often rsons cited for the inflated prices paid. Experts are now offering their services at punchy hourly rates to assist those less skilled gamers, rch new levels and obtain virtual items so that they can rub shoulders with the elite of the gaming world. Author Bio The author is a self-confessed geek and a virtual game addict. When he first found out that he could make rl money online, it was like a drm come true. Although he is a long way short of making his first virtual million, he will freely admit that he is now a certified addict. He has recently joined to try to help him make more money online.

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